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For over 30 years, commercial real estate lenders, investors and developers have trusted ATD with their property due diligence needs. We service NJ, NY, PA and the surrounding areas.

Risk Evaluation Solutions for Chief Credit Officers, Loan Officers, and Financial Decision Makers

ATD Consultants provides tailored project inspection and loan management services at each step of the journey from inception to completion. ATD provides expertise in construction, engineering, environmental compliance, and construction – making sure that every item is covered for each project.

Benefit From Our Experience

Years Providing Due Diligence Services
Commercial Banks & Alternative Lenders
From Single Family Homes through Large, Complex Commercial/Industrial Properties

Addressing Key Building and Construction Loan Challenges

Plan and Cost Reviews
Property Condition Assessments
Phase 1 Environmental Assessments
Environmental Transaction Screens
Construction Progress Monitoring
Peer Review Services

Thorough, Actionable Reporting

Our reports – at each stage of the loan and construction process – provide you with thorough, concise, and actionable information so you know every step to take. Make sure each project is completed correctly because you’re backed by experienced, efficient, and comprehensive expertise.

More than 70 of the area's most recognized lenders trust ATD Consultants, including:

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